NAW-Community Survey

NAW-Community Survey

The Township of North Algona Wilberforce has invested in developing a strategic plan to help identify projects that will support community development and increase economic growth. Partnering with TGT Solutions and With Chéla Inc., the township has made a commitment to improve the community by setting realistic goals to build a sustainable economy and improved resident quality of life. 

To do this, community consultation is critical. Listening to the perspectives of residents and seasonal residents helps the decision makers to understand the reasons why people live here so that those strengths can be leveraged. The Council and staff are committed to investigating our core strengths and your personal view of them, the expectations you have of the Township, your local economic role and position, and identifying opportunities for improvement.  From these responses, informed action can take place. 

Thank you for participating in this collective effort to celebrate and improve our community. We value you and your input.

Click here to download the document that provides the rationale for each question in the survey..
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